Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How large is Windmill Harbour?
A.  Windmill Harbour is comprised of 172 acres with over 340 dwellings, over 85 lots, and 258 boat slips. There are 4.2 miles of roadways in Windmill Harbour.

Q.  How many vehicles travel in and out of Windmill Harbour daily?
A.  Approximately 1,000.

Q.  Why is the lock system attractive to boaters?
 A.  Windmill Harbour's 15 acre inland harbor has one of the few lock systems on the East Coast. Boaters within the lock are protected from tidal changes, strong currents, and hull damage from barnacles and other marine life. Some homes have attached boat slips which provide the additional convenience of having your boat docked next to your home.

Q.  Is Windmill Harbour part of Hilton Head Island?
A.  Windmill Harbour is located on Jenkins's Island which is a separate island connected by a causeway to Hilton Head Island.  Jenkins's Island is not governed by Hilton Head Island but is part of Beaufort County and property taxes are paid to the county. Windmill Harbour children attend Hilton Head Island schools and owners have a Hilton Head Island zip code. Emergency services are administered by the county which provides police, fire and ambulance. Additionally, Hilton Head and the county back each other up and provide redundancy as needed.

Q.  How is Windmill Harbour governed?
A.  The community is governed by the Windmill Harbour Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.  There is a Windmill Harbour Property Owner's Association (POA) that has 9 elected board members. The POA has contracted with a management company (IMC) to manage the property. All property owners are members of the POA. Boat slip owners are POA members as well as members of the Marina Owner's Association which is responsible for managing the harbor and the lock. Not all boat slip owners own homes in Windmill Harbour and some boaters rent slips from owners.  Windmill Harbour is an umbrella association to Westwind Villas HPR, Spindle Lane HPR, Leeward Passage POA and the Windmill Harbour Marina HPR.

Q.  Are all Windmill Harbour residents members of the South Carolina Yacht Club (SCYC)?
A.  No.  Many property owners are members but membership is optional and the SCYC also has members from outside of Windmill Harbour.  The SCYC is located on the harbour and their sports center offers many amenities including a pool, tennis, gym, sailing center, and many social activities and dining options at their beautiful club house.

Q.  What amenities does the Windmill Harbour POA offer?
A.  There is a POA owned community pool on Indian Hill Lane and there are small pocket parks located in common areas throughout the plantation. There are tree covered brick walking paths; the harbor walking promenade; and two ocean piers which offer sunset views, social gatherings and dolphin watching. Members also enjoy fishing and kayaking off our fishing dock.

Q.  How can I contact the management company?
A.  The management company (IMC) does not have an office in Windmill Harbour but they do have a representative at the South Carolina Yacht Club Wednesday mornings from 8:30 to 9:30 AM.  Owners can contact IMC Resort Services at 2 Corpus Christi , Suite 302, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. The phone number of our community manager Jaime Fenstermaker is 843 785 4775, X110 and her email is

Q.  How can I contact the Windmill Harbour Welcoming Committee so that I can get helpful information as I am moving in to Windmill Harbour?
A.  The property management company will notify the welcoming committee and security of new owners right after receipt of the HUD statement or notification of new ownership from the purchaser's closing attorney.  You will be contacted by the welcoming committee and also receive a packet of information via USPS from the management company.  Two temporary gate passes are provided to the purchaser's closing attorney to provide to the new owner so the new owner may visit their new home immediately after closing.  Once security is notified of the new owner by management, the new owner may pick up a decal at the guardhouse.  Please contact security to arrange for passes for moving trucks, furniture delivery, etc. 

Q.  How are homes and lots maintained?
A.  Individual homes and yards are maintained by owners and many owners hire landscaping companies. Undeveloped lots typically are maintained in a natural state by the owner and the POA.  The vacant lot owners are charged an annual fee to cover  a quarterly ground level lot clearing service. This service does not include tree trimming, debris and leaf removal, or drainage. There are a few villa complexes in Windmill Harbour and those owner associations arrange for exterior building and common area maintenance as well as landscaping.

Q.  How can I get landscape debris like dead palm fronds or leaves picked up?
A.  The POA provides free pick up of landscape debris twice monthly the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Branches and fronds do not have to be bagged but smaller debris should be bagged in paper landscape debris bags. All debris should be placed near your curb. Landscaping companies must dispose of their debris outside of Windmill Harbour.

Q.  How is garbage pickup handled in Windmill Harbour?
A.  POA members arrange for garbage pickup with independent providers.

Q.  How do visitors get guess passes?
A.  All guests of residents, slip owners or renters, or of the South Carolina Yacht Club must be authorized by their host by calling the security office at 843 681 6405.  When calling in guest passes, a PIN number must be used. Please contact the security office for your PIN number. Guest passes should not be called in for contractors.

Q.  How do you get a transponder that automatically lifts the security gate in the right lane when entering the main gate?
A.  The security office will make transponders available to POA members. The first one is free but there is a charge for additional or replacement transponders.

Q.  If members go out of town should they notify security?
A.  Yes. The security staff will check the exterior of your home while you are away and will contact you should there be any problems. A form is available at the security office or on the website which provides the security office with contact information and the dates you will be out of town.

Q.  How do contractors get gate passes?
A.  Gate passes are issued by the security office. Many contractors pay for an annual pass and others buy monthly or daily gate passes. The fees are consistent with what other communities charge and these fees contribute to the maintenance costs of Windmill Harbour's privately owned roads and other infrastructure.  Members should not call in guest passes for contractors.

Q.  Are there any restrictions on pets?
A.  Many owners and residents have pets. Residents are required to leash dogs and pick up after them. Convenient dog litter stations are available in central locations in Windmill Harbour for this purpose. There is a limit of three animals per household.

Q.  How do members get car decals?
A.  Windmill Harbour car decals allow entrance through the gate without having to check in with the security office. They are available at no charge at the security office

Q.  What is the speed limit in Windmill Harbour?
A.  25 MPH.

Q.  When are ARB permits required?
A.  The permitting process is administered by the management company (IMC) and in some cases by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). Permits are required for new construction, exterior renovations or repairs, exterior painting, landscape renovations, tree trimming or removal, and for dumpster, portable toilet or storage containers.

Q.  What is the fee charged at closings by the management company and what is it for?
A.  The fee is $115 and covers the cost of processing the closing request, updating the database with new member information, notifying other parties of new owner information (security and welcoming), copying and mailing the new owner's packet and ordering the payment coupons.

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